Our Story

Hey, we are ORD :)

We are passionate about life, and the moments that make it so beautiful. we are in the business of creating timeless moments.

Ever since the birth of our youngest baby girl, Ariel, we, husband and wife, have entered into another type of marriage: that of diamonds and people.

I, Or, husband and father, have been in the diamond industry for over 17 years, working as part of the Israeli exchange diamond house. And I, Netta, wife and mother, have been a human resource specialist, with a growing fascination with people, and their stories.

It was the moment of our daughter's birth that convinced us to merge our backgrounds, and these two most precious treasures on Earth: humans, and diamonds.

You see, the way we see it here at ORD, these rare, fleeting, once in a lifetime moments— the ones we wish could linger forever— should be sealed with a diamond, and made everlasting. Our natural, unenhanced diamonds symbolize the longevity of these moments. Through them we celebrate the creation of life!

With love and appreciation,

Netta & Or

What We Do

We create timeless moments.

We design and sell everlasting, luxury diamond jewelry that glorifies those special moments in life. We offer rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings through our online boutique store. We also provide custom made orders that fulfill our private customers' dreams and wishes.

Our trade proficiency, along with our online store business model, enable us to provide a substantial selection of natural diamond jewelry at the best prices, and with a first-rate service.

 We design diamond jewelry with real, natural stones, with no clarity enhancement. Learn more.

 ORD Diamonds manufactures rough diamonds in Israel, and holds strong worldwide trade relations with diamond dealers and companies from India, Hong Kong, Belgium, Italy, UK, New York, Australia, Singapore, China, and more.

Our diamonds are 100% eye clean. The meaning is that to the naked and unaided human eye the diamond appears to be clear of imperfections.
At Ord Diamonds we use only none conflict diamonds!
Clarity enhancement is a form of treatment performed on natural diamonds whose fractures or cracks have been filled in to restore and enhance their brilliance. You can also think of it as performing “plastic surgery” on very low clarity Diamonds. Our jewe
No BGM is the industry term for a diamond that does not contain a brown or green shade, and does not have a milky appearance.

Why We Do It

Diamonds are forever, and so we wish life would be! We live our lives desiring these special, unforgettable moments to linger. We praise them, and we want to cherish those cornerstones forever.

A real natural diamond symbolizes the longevity of these unique moments. Every time we wear it, we get thrown back to a pleasant memory of a fabulous life event, or a small reward we once received in turn for our efforts. This everlasting moment fills our heart with joy, comfort, and satisfaction.

Here at ORD, we are inspired by people and the moments they value. And so, we pledge to help them make their special moments timeless.

ORD values

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